How can you say that your pet has a good habitat? Basically, a good habitat is something that can provide your pet with a safe and reliable containment and protection. As a responsible pet owner, you should know that it is your foremost responsibility to pick the correct model of fences that will ideally suit your beloved pet without having to compromise its overall safety. Dog owners, for instance, are expected to have their dogs kept within the backyard to give them the freedom of wandering around while still being within the property. This is then the reason why building good dog fences remains to be the best means of containment of pet. Among the numerous kinds of pet containment that pet owners like you can try is the use of electric dog fences. However, before buying these fences, here are several of the most essential things you need to take into account.

Essential Factors to Remember

  • Set the budget that you are willing to allot for buying the materials needed. A system for pet containment can be a bit expensive which means that you will also need to brace yourself and set aside some extra budget in the event that wrong approximations happen.
  • Search online or visit the pet stores in your area to find some package kits that you can use for building electric dog fences. As much as possible, try to go for deals that come with services such as free fence wire installation so that you will no longer have to bother with the hassle of doing the installation yourself. But take note that you can actually do it with your own hands and all you have to do is adhere to the video manuals and instructional guides that usually come with these package kits for an  electric dog fence. We like this site for general wireless dog fence reviews and solid recommendations. They also have a nice rating system and objectively review various brands in products check out the dog fencing reviews here.
  • Inspect every single material that is included in the kits. Usually, electric fence systems work with a dog collar, control system as well as wire for boundary areas.
  • You can choose from several kinds of electric dog fences, with the three most common being the instant wireless dog fence, instant fence system, and underground fence.
  • You can have a professional install your system brands like Invisible Fence cost thousands and often give you an inferior product, with long term expensive residual costs like batteries and hundred dollar service calls. Invisible Fence Brand mother company PetSafe makes a fence system that is every bit as good as Invisible Fence Brand at a fraction of the cost, but you will have to install the system yourself.
  • Instant wireless fences – These are electronic containment systems which offer portability and safety. Since these fences are portable, this kind of electric dog fences is usually recommended during camping, trips, or just about anywhere outdoors. These systems are usually operated by batteries although there are some models that work using solar power.
  • Instant fence system – It is a fencing system which work instantly by simply plugging the cord. No poles need to be set up and no wires have to be buried. It is very conventional type of electric dog fence that is being preferred by a lot of dog owners at present.
  • Underground fence – When using this kind of electric dog fence, you will have to dig close to the fence where you will place the wire that will serve as the boundary area. This fence is not going to be visible to naked eyes yet your dogs will be kept within your backyard with this system. Also, your view will not be disrupted by the wirings.
  • Once you have decided on the one that you will use, make sure that you buy your electric dog fences from a reliable pet store then have the fence wire installed. Plug the control system in then place the collar around the neck of your dog. Familiarize yourself with the way the fencing system works. In case your dog gets close to the fence’s boundary area, several warning sounds are going to be produced by your pet’s collar. Following this warning sound, your dog is going receive a mild electrical stimulus which will put your dog away from the area of boundary.

Training Your Dog and Avoiding Common Mistakes in Using Dog Fences

You have properly seen owners who place flags of 12 to 15 feet apart within their yards. However, this is among the most usual mistakes committed by many pet owners. Your dog will never sit around then connect dots and more often than not, they simply attempt to run between those flags. The best suggestion is to make use of a marker tape pr string to connect from one flag to another or you can also grade the stakes in order to show your dog with a clear line.

Brace yourself for spending three full training weeks for using the fence. It will usually take practice in order to ensure that your dog will fully understand the expectation. Allot one week of dog training with its leash on, one more week on the 20 to 30 foot line then finally, one week with your dog off the leash. It will ensure that your dog will be fully prepared and he will also learn that it will be safer for him to stay inside the yard.

At first, walk your dog with its leash on towards the string and make sure that the collar will be close to its ear. Once you heard the beep of the collar, smack the flag or string then rush your dog back to the yard’s center then Praise. Never leave this out as this is a very essential step.

Once you completed the initial week of training your leashed dog, start to add distractions, like with you walking crossways the lines, have some kids running by, throwing a ball, and others. Allow your dog to learn how to correct himself.

The final stage of training is with letting your dog off its leash with you nowhere in sight. However, when not at home, make sure that your dogs are not left within the fenced area. It is essential that your eyes are kept on your dogs because electric dog fences will not keep people as well as other animals out. Your primary goal above everything else is safety and make sure that you also check with the local codes to know if underground fencing is regarded as legal confinement within the neighborhood.

Keeping your dogs safe is undoubtedly among your primary obligations of being a responsible pet owner. You need to be answerable enough in taking the necessary steps which will not just secure your dog but even your personal safety and the rest of the individuals in the neighborhood. Make sure that you choose only top quality electric dog fences for these goals to be achieved.