Why Do Dogs Eat Their Poop

why-do-dogs-eat-poopWhen  you see  your dog often eats poop,  you always find  it a disgusting sight to see since this  is not common to humans to eat poops. You would often wonder why dogs eat their poop. However, several dog  breeds  love  eating  feces  and  this  kind  of  behavior  is  quite  normal  to  most  animals.  There  are different reasons behind such behavior of eating feces and one of these is Coprophagia which is better known as the condition related to animal eating feces. Such condition can now be acceptable to many dog owners as this can be inherited. Sources referenced for why dogs eat poop.

There are people who would believe that dogs have originated from wolves. Since wolves are deemed to eat any kinds of rubbish, this is where the behavior of dog poop eaters  comes from. Some people would also think that poop eaters are less likely to get sick as there are nutritional benefits which can be found in fresh feces. Other dog owners would seem to notice that poop eaters are often hungry that is why, some dogs would resort to eating poop when starvation is unbearable.

Some dogs may have the tendency to eat other animals’ feces aside from their own most especially if the smell is quite enticing so you better observe if your dog tends to do such thing as this can become a habit when you don’t take it seriously. You might be surprised when your dog finds your poop tasty so you have to make sure that your restroom is always  closed so your dog can’t get inside and eat your poops.

You need to be certain that you can put a stop to such habit as this can cause some illness to anyone in the household. Proper hygiene must be observed in the household even if you are dealing with pets. You can’t risk your family’s life by just ignoring the reason why dogs eat their poop. Otherwise, you need to ask some help from a vet so your dog’s behavior will be tended. Check out the Lifestyle Pets Pet Blog site….really really good free information on pet care http://www.lifestylepets.org/

Shop for Electric Dog Fences: Top Information Every Pet Owner Should Know

How can you say that your pet has a good habitat? Basically, a good habitat is something that can provide your pet with a safe and reliable containment and protection. As a responsible pet owner, you should know that it is your foremost responsibility to pick the correct model of fences that will ideally suit your beloved pet without having to compromise its overall safety. Dog owners, for instance, are expected to have their dogs kept within the backyard to give them the freedom of wandering around while still being within the property. This is then the reason why building good dog fences remains to be the best means of containment of pet. Among the numerous kinds of pet containment that pet owners like you can try is the use of electric dog fences. However, before buying these fences, here are several of the most essential things you need to take into account.

Essential Factors to Remember

  • Set the budget that you are willing to allot for buying the materials needed. A system for pet containment can be a bit expensive which means that you will also need to brace yourself and set aside some extra budget in the event that wrong approximations happen.
  • Search online or visit the pet stores in your area to find some package kits that you can use for building electric dog fences. As much as possible, try to go for deals that come with services such as free fence wire installation so that you will no longer have to bother with the hassle of doing the installation yourself. But take note that you can actually do it with your own hands and all you have to do is adhere to the video manuals and instructional guides that usually come with these package kits for an  electric dog fence. We like this site https://www.flexpetz.com/ for general wireless dog fence reviews and solid recommendations. They also have a nice rating system and objectively review various brands in products check out the dog fencing reviews here.
  • Inspect every single material that is included in the kits. Usually, electric fence systems work with a dog collar, control system as well as wire for boundary areas.
  • You can choose from several kinds of electric dog fences, with the three most common being the instant wireless dog fence, instant fence system, and underground fence.
  • You can have a professional install your system brands like Invisible Fence cost thousands and often give you an inferior product, with long term expensive residual costs like batteries and hundred dollar service calls. Invisible Fence Brand mother company PetSafe makes a fence system that is every bit as good as Invisible Fence Brand at a fraction of the cost, but you will have to install the system yourself.
  • Instant wireless fences – These are electronic containment systems which offer portability and safety. Since these fences are portable, this kind of electric dog fences is usually recommended during camping, trips, or just about anywhere outdoors. These systems are usually operated by batteries although there are some models that work using solar power.
  • Instant fence system – It is a fencing system which work instantly by simply plugging the cord. No poles need to be set up and no wires have to be buried. It is very conventional type of electric dog fence that is being preferred by a lot of dog owners at present.
  • Underground fence – When using this kind of electric dog fence, you will have to dig close to the fence where you will place the wire that will serve as the boundary area. This fence is not going to be visible to naked eyes yet your dogs will be kept within your backyard with this system. Also, your view will not be disrupted by the wirings.
  • Once you have decided on the one that you will use, make sure that you buy your electric dog fences from a reliable pet store then have the fence wire installed. Plug the control system in then place the collar around the neck of your dog. Familiarize yourself with the way the fencing system works. In case your dog gets close to the fence’s boundary area, several warning sounds are going to be produced by your pet’s collar. Following this warning sound, your dog is going receive a mild electrical stimulus which will put your dog away from the area of boundary.

Training Your Dog and Avoiding Common Mistakes in Using Dog Fences

You have properly seen owners who place flags of 12 to 15 feet apart within their yards. However, this is among the most usual mistakes committed by many pet owners. Your dog will never sit around then connect dots and more often than not, they simply attempt to run between those flags. The best suggestion is to make use of a marker tape pr string to connect from one flag to another or you can also grade the stakes in order to show your dog with a clear line.

Brace yourself for spending three full training weeks for using the fence. It will usually take practice in order to ensure that your dog will fully understand the expectation. Allot one week of dog training with its leash on, one more week on the 20 to 30 foot line then finally, one week with your dog off the leash. It will ensure that your dog will be fully prepared and he will also learn that it will be safer for him to stay inside the yard.

At first, walk your dog with its leash on towards the string and make sure that the collar will be close to its ear. Once you heard the beep of the collar, smack the flag or string then rush your dog back to the yard’s center then Praise. Never leave this out as this is a very essential step.

Once you completed the initial week of training your leashed dog, start to add distractions, like with you walking crossways the lines, have some kids running by, throwing a ball, and others. Allow your dog to learn how to correct himself.

The final stage of training is with letting your dog off its leash with you nowhere in sight. However, when not at home, make sure that your dogs are not left within the fenced area. It is essential that your eyes are kept on your dogs because electric dog fences will not keep people as well as other animals out. Your primary goal above everything else is safety and make sure that you also check with the local codes to know if underground fencing is regarded as legal confinement within the neighborhood.

Keeping your dogs safe is undoubtedly among your primary obligations of being a responsible pet owner. You need to be answerable enough in taking the necessary steps which will not just secure your dog but even your personal safety and the rest of the individuals in the neighborhood. Make sure that you choose only top quality electric dog fences for these goals to be achieved.

Pet Safety

Get The Best Fencing Systems From Petsafe

Your pets are the members of your family, and it is your duty as a pet owner to look after the safety of your pets. There are of course various ways through which you can offer safety to your dogs, but one of the best ways is to look for fences. There are different companies that offer different kinds of fences, but Petsafe is one of the best brands in the market that offer impressive and unique fencing system. These fencing systems are available in varieties, and consequently, you can be assured that you will be able to select from wide varieties.

Importance Of Pet Fencing:

Most dog and cat owners think that pet fencing is very essential and one of the best means to let the pets get exposed to fresh air and outside environment, while at the same time, also remain within the premises of the boundaries of homes. If you are a pet owner, you will surely prefer pet fencing because you can be relieved from the hassle of chasing them and prevent them from entering into the roads. Consequently, you will also prevent any forms of risks and dangers in such a case. Thus, while you are searching for the best pet fences, An electronic dog doors is one of the best companies that will offer you different fencing products to keep your pets secure, safe and protected.

About Petsafe:

Petsafe is a renowned and reputed brand and as the name indicates, the products of this company are designed in such a way, so that it can offer maximum protection to the pets in every way possible. The company is mainly renowned for the variation in fences, especially the underground fences exclusively designed for the dogs, so that they can remain within the confines of a boundary set for them. This is a fencing system that mainly makes use of the wires of the underground boundary to make connection with the electric collars for the pets. Consequently, you can be assured that the pets will always be safe with these collar fences.

The Best Services And Guidance:

Petsafe is such a company that will offer you the best guidance and instructions regarding the selection of the fencing systems or any other pet products from the company. You will just have to specify your requirements in accordance with your pets, and accordingly, you can be assured that you will be suggested the best and the most appropriate thing suitable for your pet. Moreover, you can also be assured that you will be impressed with the services of the brand that you get.

Competitive Prices:

It is true that there are large numbers of companies that manufacture fencing system, but Petsafe is definitely the best in terms of the fences that you will get here. The best of the fences of this brand is that you will not only be able to utilize the features, but at the same time, you will also get them at competitive prices. Consequently, you can be assured that you will not have to be worried about the economy of these fences. You will get these within your budget.

Often, if you are lucky enough you might also get discounts on the fences of Petsafe, which will again offer you an opportunity to save money. However, this does not mean that you will have to compromise with the quality. Well, one of the most important things that you must always keep in mind is that this brand is well known for the quality of the fences, and consequently, large numbers of dog owners have benefitted from it. Therefore, if you buy these fences, you can be assured that you will not have to compromise with the quality at any cost.

Two Different Options:

When you are looking for fencing systems for your dog, Petsafe will offer you two different options that you can purchase in accordance to your preferences. The first option is physical wired fencing and the second option is electronic wireless option. Based on the exact nature of the purpose, as well as, the requirements for your pet, you can buy the fencing systems.

Physical Fences:

The physical fences that you will get from Petsafe are mainly available in the form of cages and kennels, but there is of course a difference with that of the traditional boundaries. In the traditional barriers, the space is limited, as a result of which it becomes very difficult for your pets to remain comfortable enough within the boundary. However, the products of this company are spacious, and therefore, even if, you buy these, you can be assured that your pets will remain absolutely comfortable. In some cases, you might also have to install these physical barriers, but you can be assured that installation will not be a hassle at all.  

Wireless Electronic Fences:

In today’s date, the most advanced options of buying fences are to go for the wireless electric dog fence. Consequently, you can be assured that you will be able to control your dogs and cats properly and safely, while at the same time, offering them maximum comfort. These fences from Petsafe are generally operated with the help of a wireless transmitter that is attached to a collar. There is a receiver implanted with the collar, and this system is designed in such a manner, so that it can train your dogs properly to stay within the boundaries of the fencing system.

No Installation-Operates On Batteries:

Unlike the wired fencing system, the wireless fencing system of the Petsafe does not require any kind of installation. On the contrary, it operates on batteries, and you will just have to recharge the batteries at frequent intervals of time in order to make the entire system function and perform well. The first battery that you will find in the system will last almost up to about 3 months if used on a regular basis, and following this, you will have to recharge the batteries.

Moreover, you can also be assured that the professionals of this company will look after the small requirements of underground connection along with the interior of your home with the help of Wi-Fi. As a result, you can be assured that even while you are inside your home, you will be able to have a look at the LCD screen of the controller to understand the exact position of your dog. At the same time, your dog will also be get a warning signal, so that the signal does not lets it move outside the boundaries determined by you.

The Operation Of The Fences:

There is a particular procedure in which the fences of Petsafe operate. Technology has progressed to such a great extent that you will also be able to control the movement of your pet right from your home. With the collar at the neck of your dog, as soon as your dog approaches towards the boundary, the electronic collar sends a signal. This is basically a warning signal and the beep tone alerts the dog not to move any further. At the same time, if your dog ignores the signal, it will receive a warning shock, receiving which it will automatically retreat in the direction from where it has come.

The Transmitter Of The Brand:

It is very essential for you to understand the exact procedure in which the system of containment for your dog works. When you buy the containment system of Petsafe,you will have to plug the transmitter to an outlet. This outlet is designed in such a manner, so that it can emit a signal. This signal then travels across the wire that is located underground. If you set the system on your own, it is best on your part to leave at least five foot space for the transmission of the signal field. Another important thing that you must keep in mind is that the boundary can be adjusted up to about 20 feet right from the wire.

The receiver is extremely light in weight, and after receiving the signals from the wire, the pet is warned as he reaches the boundary of the underground. It is largely up to you to customize the boundary settings of the fences of Petsafe within your yard, and your pet will be able to move accordingly. The design of the entire system has been done in such a manner, so that it does not requires any maintenance and installation process is also thereby easy.

Great Saving:

In any case, you can be assured that the wireless fencing system of Petsafe has been designed in such a way, so that you will not have to bear any cost of installation and maintenance. Consequently, you will be able to save a lot over the conventional fencing system, as well as, the other kinds of systems that are available from this company. However, you can always research thoroughly and check out the features of the different products prior to buying any of these products.

Animal Cruelty is a Matter of Concern

The instances of animal cruelty is a matter of concern as we often witness injured stray dogs that are left without any treatment or even cats with aching sores with nobody to look after. Pet rescue and adoption is an excellent option that offers life saving solutions for dying, starving or injured pets. Our society should play a significant role in this matter by preventing cruelty on animals particularly street animals. In fact, every individual should be concerned about the cruelties that are carried on street animals, or try to take steps for adoption of these animals. If a neglected or abused dog is spotted at any corner of the road, immediate steps should be taken to report the incident to the concerned authorities. Moreover, the person who has noticed the poor animal should take steps immediately for saving the life of that dog by signing on the papers of adoption. While abuse or ignorance of animals is rising steadily, some of these animals have gained a new lease of life due to the efforts of handful of citizens who are constantly making efforts for providing more safety and security to stray animals.

As a matter of fact, the pet owners should always have a first-aid kit ready at home for saving the lives of their pets whether it is a dog or cat, or even a baby animal. There can be several reasons for your pet to suffer such as ill-health due to overheating on a hot summer day or choking.  However, sudden illness of your pet cannot be prevented even outside home or while you are away to your workplace. The first-aid kit should therefore be readied before you step out of the house, or even if you have left your pet under the supervision of another person in your absence. Nowadays, you will find lots of day care centers for animals where you can leave the pets in safe hands of trained experts while going to your office. While your first-aid kit should contain scissors, gloves and emergency medicines, it should also contain the contact details of the pet so that they are not deprived of medical attention during the hour of crisis. First-aid kit also provides assistance if you are traveling with your pet. The pets are overstressed at times while travelling and fall ill. Under such circumstances, it is virtually impossible to call the vet; therefore, emergency medicines are the only source of hope for saving your pet’s life. The pet owners can also ask for help from the trainers in order to acquire better knowledge about administering first-aid to their pets.

Saving the life of an abused pet is an extremely noble idea and including it in the family of pets is even better. There are several occasions when you will find injured animals lying on the street or abused dogs that are constantly barking at other dogs. Proper training or a touch of love and sympathy is something that is desired by all those animals that we often come across on the street. These animals can later become our pets perhaps only after being rescued by a Good Samaritan. Animals have similar feelings like humans and they also need care and affection during sickness or whenever they are injured. It is most unfortunate that few people realize this fact that animal abuse should be genuinely prevented as there are not many laws that can help prevent such incidents in our society. In other words, the laws are not stringent when it comes to protection of animals. However, the social networking sites and other online resources have helped in creating a vast network of animals lovers who are responsible for spreading attention through resources like Facebook. In fact, you will often come across pictures of injured or sick animals and their owners seeking monetary help for the treatment of certain health complications. Although, many people tend to ignore such displays or postings, some people are too generous while donating money for a good cause like this.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a pet for yourself, you should consider the pet rescue options even before you visit a pet store. You can also check online resources for the availability of pet rescue options in your city from the comfort of home. Those who are not exactly familiar about the things that should be done after saving the life of a pet, there are certain steps to be followed afterwards. For instance, the animal should be taken to veterinarian for immediate treatment particularly if there is an injury or sores on the body of the animal. Although it is painful for animal lovers to bear all kind of cruelties that are carried out on animals, some people are ignorant about animals and their psychology. However, pet rescue options are becoming more popular nowadays, and citizens have become more aware about the safety options for pets. There are several organizations that encourage the citizens to have more sympathy towards stray animals; awareness programs are being conducted throughout the world spreading the message for saving or rescuing animals and adopting them as a good motive.

The rescued dogs and cats should be allowed to play with the children at home and trainers should be called to teach them communications skills or behavioral techniques. An online survey will reveal a host of trainers that are available for the training of dogs or cats, and they should be appointed for formal or proper training of the pets. The pet rescue websites provide comprehensive information about the breed and the habit of the pet or whether it is available. In fact, they will even offer the date on which the adoption process is to be carried out. Caring for homeless dogs and cats is one of the most effective ways to show that you care for these poor animals that have been left to fend for themselves. However, your effort does not end immediately after you have adopted the animals as there are more things to be done for proper care of these animals.

As far as dog food is concerned, it is better to stick to organic foods rather than artificial meat or vegetable products that are available in the market. Although organic foods come with a price, it is better to consider them for the pets as they are safe and helps to maintain the coat of dogs. In case of sick dogs suffering with health problems like diarrhea, dogs need special care and attention from their owners along with sympathy for their health condition. As humans, we should realize that dogs cannot speak about their condition properly, and they need someone to help them when they are suffering from health complications, which is almost similar to what human beings feel when they are sick. For adoption of rescued pets, owners should be familiar animals or the ways in which they should be handled. The animal that is being adopted should be suitable with the lifestyle of the family.

Saving pets is not a complicated task, but you should have feelings of sympathy for abused animals that are constantly ignored by people. Pets also provide immense joy when you carry them for a weekend holiday. They are extremely compatible with young and small children and care for all those children who are left in the supervision of the babysitters. The greatest advantage of keeping pets is that they ensure the safety and security of your house particularly dogs. However, you should be pet-friendly in order to rescue pets and adopt them. On the other hand, the formalities of adoption are too complicated at times to put off those animal lovers who come forward to adopt pets particularly those that have been rescued.

While pet rescue and adoption is an excellent option for pet lovers, there are certain responsibilities for a pet owner immediately after adoption. The first great task is to introduce the pet with the rest of the family, and this is not going to be easy particularly if there are other pets in the family. Sometimes acceptance becomes very difficult at least initially. The best way to clear off the black clouds is to ask the children to do the job. Pets are fond of children, and it takes lesser time to establish a bond with other pets and children. Gradually, the elders in the family also become familiar with the activities of the newcomer and start sharing the special bond. As soon as the bond grows stronger, the entire family begins taking care of the pet in the most special manner.

Pet rescuing and adoption is also meant to teach human beings to understand that pets bring bundles of joy with them when they are brought into a house. A small pup is almost like a human baby and they are really cute and funny. On the whole pet rescue and pet saving are two of the most exciting options for animal lovers. In fact, rescuing a pet is the best way to provide a good shelter to a homeless animal, and pet owners should be familiar with the ways in which pets can be saved.