why-do-dogs-eat-poopWhen  you see  your dog often eats poop,  you always find  it a disgusting sight to see since this  is not common to humans to eat poops. You would often wonder why dogs eat their poop. However, several dog  breeds  love  eating  feces  and  this  kind  of  behavior  is  quite  normal  to  most  animals.  There  are different reasons behind such behavior of eating feces and one of these is Coprophagia which is better known as the condition related to animal eating feces. Such condition can now be acceptable to many dog owners as this can be inherited. Sources referenced for why dogs eat poop.

There are people who would believe that dogs have originated from wolves. Since wolves are deemed to eat any kinds of rubbish, this is where the behavior of dog poop eaters  comes from. Some people would also think that poop eaters are less likely to get sick as there are nutritional benefits which can be found in fresh feces. Other dog owners would seem to notice that poop eaters are often hungry that is why, some dogs would resort to eating poop when starvation is unbearable.

Some dogs may have the tendency to eat other animals’ feces aside from their own most especially if the smell is quite enticing so you better observe if your dog tends to do such thing as this can become a habit when you don’t take it seriously. You might be surprised when your dog finds your poop tasty so you have to make sure that your restroom is always  closed so your dog can’t get inside and eat your poops.

You need to be certain that you can put a stop to such habit as this can cause some illness to anyone in the household. Proper hygiene must be observed in the household even if you are dealing with pets. You can’t risk your family’s life by just ignoring the reason why dogs eat their poop. Otherwise, you need to ask some help from a vet so your dog’s behavior will be tended. Check out the Lifestyle Pets Pet Blog site….really really good free information on pet care http://www.lifestylepets.org/